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Where can you get this wallet?

You can can get your own web wallet here:


What type of wallet is this?

Web Wallet


What can you store with this wallet?


What does this wallet offer for security?

You use a seed phrase to recover your addresses, which is created when setting up the wallet initially (You can set the seed in the Security section, under the settings tab), and the wallet is locked with locked with a password you set. Make sure to NEVER share your seed(s), private key(s), or PIN(s) with anyone! Always make sure to backup your seed(s), private key(s), and PIN(s) in a secure place not on a computer!


How do you store cryptocurrency?

It is best to not store your cryptocurrency on an exchange, as these methods are prone to hacking. In most situations, you don’t control the private keys tied to your account; private keys are used to recover cryptocurrency addresses. If these private keys are mishandled, or compromised in anyway, your cryptocurrency trading account can easily be drained by hackers. For storing cryptocurrency we highly recommend a hardware wallet or cold storage the most, as well desktop wallet, or mobile wallet where you control your seed/private keys. Check out the Wallets section, to pick a cryptocurrency wallet that’s great for you!